SafeGuard - Zone-based protection

SafeGuard is a zone-based land protection plugin for Sponge servers.



Place into your mods directory.


  • Create zones which allow only you to make block changes.
  • Add/remove access for other players.
  • Protects land from creepers.


  • /sg pos - Add a position to the buffer. Two points form the boundary of your zone.
  • /sg pos fullheight - Expand your buffer from the map floor to map ceiling.
  • /sg zone create (name) - Create a new zone with the selected region.
  • /sg zone allow (user) - Add a user to your zone.
  • /sg zone deny (user) - Revoke access to your zone for a user.
  • /sg zone flag (flag) (true|false) - Toggle a specific flag.
  • /sg zone delete - Delete a zone.


  • block.change - Block changes (place, break, etc) are allowed.
  • block.use - Containers may be opened.
  • damage.player - Players may damage a player in their zone.
  • item.drop - Players may drop items.
  • - Monsters may spawn or enter the zone.


  • safeguard.create - Create and manage your zone.
  • safeguard.admin - Staff-level zone override.

You can limit zone sizes by defining a zoneLengthLimit: (int) option in your permissions file.


Please follow development on in #prism


Thank you! Do you plan to add the ability to set the coordinates of the zone with an object in your hand?


What are the flags that I can use for this???