SafeTrade - Safely trade your Items, Money, and Pokemon anywhere using Inventories


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SafeTrade’s purpose is to give players a safe and easy way to trade with other players. This is done by having a clean GUI to walk you through each step of the trade, ending with a confirmation page where players can double check they are happy with the trade. Items (and Pokemon for Pixelmon version) are saved in players’ offline safetrade storage so that nothing is lost.

Supports both Pixelmon and Sponge

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  • Pause and resume the trade.
  • Supports mod items
  • Large trades
  • Simple and clean GUI
  • Trade Pokemon directly from your PC
  • A trade overview to ensure both people are happy with the trade
  • Offline storage in-case something goes wrong. Simply reconnect with space in your inv/PC to get the items/pokemon
  • Pokemon will evolve through trades as they would in a trade machine (haunter, etc)
  • Trade with anyone, anywhere.
  • Detailed logs
  • Staff can monitor a trade


Main Menu


Adding your Items to trade


Choosing your Pokemon to trade


Confirming you are happy with the trade



Does this require Pixelmon? I am looking for a safe trade system, but have no intention or desire to use Pixelmon.


For now, yes. However I will be releasing a Sponge-only version in the near future.


Awesome, i’ll await that version then.



A new version has been released for SafeTrade, it is available for download here.

SafeTrade 2.0.1 for Pixelmon

  • Fixed pause button
  • Fixed money not updating correctly
  • SafeTrade Overview for chat made a comeback
  • Added support for untradeable

SafeTrade 2.0.1 for Sponge [RELEASE]

  • SafeTrade for Sponge has been released!


A new version has been released for SafeTrade, it is available for download here.

Sponge & Pixelmon

  • Improved logs (Still supports legacy logs)
  • Wiki command
  • Made it more obvious how to resume a trade


  • Players must have at least 1 non-egg pokemon in their party


A new version has been released for SafeTrade, it is available for download here.

  • Trade end bug
  • Multiple clicks dupe


I think your plugin is duping Pokemon, but I’m not sure… We never had the issue until I installed the plugin yesterday but when people catch pokemon it says their party is full and sends to the PC… it keeps doing that over and over so people get their PC full of pokemon.


Nope, it was Poketeams… forgot that I updated that mod