SandroProxy Android MITM


@ryantheleach Hey Ryan, I am using your SandroProxy Android Mitm github project for an academic project. I needed some help regarding that. The JNI library only support 4 architectures and the newer Nexus 6P have arm64-v8a architecture and hence it does not work on them. Could you please help?


Sorry it's not really my project, I forked it from the original after the original dev nicely provided the .so 's for me.

It was previously on but hadn't yet moved to github if I recall correctly.

You can find updated code and sources and get in contact with the dev here:

I wish you the best of luck, It's pretty fun stuff.


Thanks @ryantheleach You cannot imagine how much helped me just by providing the link.


Hi Gaurav,

As I understand it’s long back for you,Can you provide some help on this,

I have taken Sandroproxy code from git hub but not getting clue/steps to how to build the project and module. any input on this really help.