Save player data like Bukkit

any way to do this in sponge like in bukkit

May I ask the use-case?

In Sponge the concept of an Offline Player is known as a User.

The Player interface in Sponge more closely relates to the in memory entity of a Player.

So to translate this to Sponge, more details of your use-case are needed to fully understand what you are trying to do.

You can get the User from the UserStorageService: SpongeAPI/ at stable-7 · SpongePowered/SpongeAPI · GitHub

After that, depending on what you are trying to do, you probably want to interact with it via the Data API.

I can see you didn’t click the link. :stuck_out_tongue:
saveData and loadData save to or reload from the player’s uuid.dat file in the world folder.

i use this in a plugin called siminv for cross server dat files i use linux symbolic link to directory and in order to have this work u must save when the player leaves and when they join u must load them

That makes no sense. Player data is automatically saved when they leave and is automatically loaded when they join.

ill test this in sponge when i tested in bukkit this is not the case only when the world is saved