Save world plugin?

Any plugin for saving world ??? No backup of world files but to save game in memory to disk (to avoid lost of unsaved chunks during server crash).

(And yes, I know the search function here !!!)

whats wrong with just using the command MC give you in the server?


And automatic saving ???


  • sponge config setup:
    world {
    # The auto-save tick interval used when saving global player data. (Default: 900)
    # Note: 20 ticks is equivalent to 1 second. Set to 0 to disable.
    # The auto-save tick interval used to save all loaded chunks in a world.
    # Set to 0 to disable. (Default: 900)
    # Note: 20 ticks is equivalent to 1 second.

correct, that is “auto saving”.

Does it work?

“auto-save-interval=900” means 45 seconds and I don’t see any changes in region file attributes (date, time)…

it does. If done correctly, all players will be sent a message saying something along the lines of

[Server] saving world

and yes it does, all default minecraft server commands will work as long as they are programmed into the server to begin with.

Mhmmm… Something is wrong. It doesn’t work. Configured right. “Save-on” command reports saving is active. But no saving activity. Strange…

If you can confirm that it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t work on both implementations, write your testing steps, versions tested in an issue on in order to get the devs notified something might be wrong.

Also note, it only saves loaded chunks. not every region file is going to change.