Saving with sponge?

Hi everyone, first of all, I want to specify english is not my first language (french canadian), so sorry for my bas english.

Now, my question is this one: Can Sponge save our world automatically in the event of a crash? It have a ‘‘saving’’ function inside the API to save we can active? I’m not talking about backups (I already have a mod who makes backups of the entire world) I talking about a fucntion it’s saving players informations in case of a crash. For exemple, the server crash and it have a rollback because the program didn’t close in the right way.

Also, I’m asking this question, but it’s never happend to me a crash who loose all the progression was done since the last time of the server start up (the start.bat), but i’m questioning if it could happen because of a fatal error for example, or physical problem like electricity shut down? Maybe sponge save ever X minutes automaticly but i’m asking here because i’m not sure! :smiley:

Thanks everyone. And thanks for the sponge project, it’s an amazing project! :wink:

That wasn’t his question at all @MoseMister .


Can Sponge save our world automatically in the event of a crash?

No, it cannot, and you probably don’t want it to. If the system crashes, it could be because the internal data might be corrupted, so trying to save in that event could destroy your data. Besides, by definition, a crash is an abnormal exit, we can’t guarantee we could intercept such a scenario (such as an out of memory error, we can’t begin to intercept that).

As far as you are concerned, a crash is a complete and immediate stop and we won’t be doing anything after that point.

Maybe sponge save ever X minutes automaticly

It saves as often as world saves happen, so whatever you have that configured to in It also happens on manual /save-all commands, I believe.


Hi, thank you for the answer! It’s interesting to read it.

I’m not sure to understand what do you mean? It could be possible to save the active world with setting of server.proprieties?