SBooks [WIP v0.0.1]

SBooks (Server Books)

Have you ever wanted to convey rules, commands, a message or even a special quest as a server admin, but found using signs is to cumbersome. Books I have found to be quite good (yes, books) in most cases, but the copying and constant maintenance can make them a bit of a hassle. What if by one simple command your users could get a book and in it you could have what you wanted them to read?

If this all sounds like a neat or useful idea to you, then this plugin just may work out for you. Thanks to HassanS6000 and my code thievery, a new plugin has been created. Well not really new because Kits has this functionality as well… New as in standalone functionality.

This plugin allows server admins to edit a config file on the server (book.conf) adding content, colors, and multiple pages, so it can be called by a simple command (sbooks) from it’s users.


/sbooks - Creates a written book with the contents of the book.conf 
file on the server and places it in players inventory.

/sbooks-reload - Admin command to have sbooks reread the book.conf 
file without a server restart so new books obtained will have current changes.


sbooks.use - Access to the /sbooks command
sbooks.reload - Access to the /sbooks-reload command (Admin)


GitHub Repo

How to use it?

  • Server Admins - edit config/sbooks/data/book.conf file and give your users the sbooks.use permission
  • Wonderful server participants - type /sbooks

Q. If the wonderful Kits plugin already has such functionality then why do this one?
A. I wanted a challenge to learn Java and create a Minecraft mod with sponge.

Q. Will you update this plugin, or was this just one time wham bam thank you ma’am?
A. Yes as I learn what Sponge, Java and I can do… I will update it.




I hereby claim no responsibility for this work, if it kills your cat, flogs baby dolphins, causes mass hysteria, or something less harmful… use at your own risk and feel free to give me comments, edits, pull requests, or feature requests and I will feel free to bring on my sarcastic humor… and most likely try to implement the smart requests.

Should have the possibility to create multiple books. Like /sbooks [name], name being the name of the config of that book

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Yes, thank you Mr. Pro Java developer… with multiple awesome plugins… :stuck_out_tongue: it is planned as soon as I figure it out. LOL

Bit torn between one config for multiple books, or a config per book.

I would also like admins to be able to bestow such literary graces upon their residents as well. Fun stuff this will be to learn.

One book per file would be the better option.

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Thanks… That’s what I will do then… it should be rather easy to recycle the config file creation code and have it generate another config file with a given name… we will see. My programming experience is Pascal, Bash and some Python :stuck_out_tongue: so this has been fun for me.