I can’t seem to find any docs on them, so I’m wondering if anyone else knows how.
How do you load a schematic file, then paste it in a certain spot?

You could check out how WorldEdit handles it. Their docs are here, you’d have to look at the WE repo to see how the Sponge fork makes it happen… I can’t think offhand of other Sponge plugins that handle them at present.

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Do you know if they have an API I could just use?

Yeah, but it’s entirely isolated from implementations:

So how would I get started in using it in a plugin?

There’s a CookBook example linked in the related SpongeDocs issue for Schematics. HTH

Note that sponge has it’s own schematic specification that improves on existing specs

The package in SpongeAPI relates to this format

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Thank you! I got it to work with these examples.

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