Schematics Reader



For a project i need to generate a structure and after delete it,

I know i can create block by block my structure, but it is long.

Do you know how can i read all of blocks from a .schematic file?

Thx for your help


WorldEdit can do this. You have to put your schematic in server/mods/worldedit/schematics

The command is //schem import name_of_schematic and then it's copied to your clipboard. You have to use //paste to paste it.

This is what I always use as well as MCedit.


i know world edit, but i don't want to a player use it but the server, i want to generate the schematic (and undo) without player, only with plugin.


Oh, you want to paste and generate schematic from coordinates ? I am not sure about how to do it but I am interested as well.


There is a schematic API already included in Sponge... I'm not sure how developed it is, but check out the Schematic class.