Scoreboards & Teams

Hi all,

Currently, I have a scoreboard set up for each player when they join that displays custom information, like their rank, currency, etc. etc. This works great; however, the problem is trying to add rank prefixes on the tablist. It seems that I’ll have to add a new team with only 1 player to each player’s scoreboard everytime it updates (terribly inefficient with many people). I tried this, but it also presented another problem – the names had to be less than 16 characters for the teams, so I couldn’t find a way to link player’s names reliably (I tried like… playername-playername.)

I think I’m missing something really obvious, so if I am, please be gentle :smile:

Each rank can be a scoreboard team, and you’d put everyone in the rank in that team.

But, I need the scoreboard on the right hand side to be unique to each player.

Solved it by just directly editing the TabList