Script [v0.1b]

Have you ever wished you could add commands, but don’t know how to make your own plugin? Well, that’s where Script comes in. All you have to do is edit the config to create commands!


You can grab the latest development build of Script [here][1].

GitHub Repository

You can view Script’s GitHub Repository [here][2].

How to Install?

Simply put the downloaded jar into your mods folder along with Sponge and launch your server! Script’s config will generate, with a few commands to start you off!

How to Configure/Use?

Currently Script supports 3 types of commands:

teleport coord
give items

If you look at the default config, you’ll get the general idea of how it works.

  1. To add a command, you first go into the commands node and add the command name as well as a comma. If you do not add the comma, the command will not be registered!
  2. Next, you add a section for your command. Within this, you must specify the amount of tasks your command will use, the description, the permission, and then for each task what kind of task it is.
  3. If you have one task, all you have to do is do task=(task type) if you have more than one task, then you’d do task1=(task type), task2=(task type), and so on.
  4. Once you’ve specified the types of tasks, you must specify the arguments for that task. You can look at the default config to figure out how that works.

Support Me

If you’re feeling generous and would like to send me a tip, you can do so using PayPal [here][3]. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! :smiley:
[1]: Releases · hsyyid/Script · GitHub
[2]: GitHub - hsyyid/Script: Script is a plugin for Sponge that enables users to make commands using the config!


Is there some kind of event system that you have? Adding a teleport/message/give command doesn’t seem very helpful, if it’s not tied to a reason to do so.

EDIT: Ah, nevermind. They’re commands. I assumed it was a different kind of plugin, without reading the description all the way. :stuck_out_tongue:


shames @FerusGrim for not reading all the way
Anyhow great plugin, I can’t wait to go try this out!

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Thanks so much xD

Any new,news on this plugin? It is realy amazing :smile:

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I’ll be updating it soon… been doing a lot of work :slight_smile:

Thats awesome to hear,cant wait ^^ :smiley:

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Release v0.1b:

Tested on SpongeForge 841


  • This brings support for SpongeForge 833+

Enjoy this update! :smile:

Is this updated for the Beta Builds of SpongeForge?

It might be in the future. For now, it’s WIP.

Any update on this plugin?

Nope. It’s WIP and probably won’t be worked on much for a while - I might bring it back sometimes in the future - most likely completely re-written though.

this could atleast use an update to not crash on startup. really need something like this to use rather then bungeecmds ;/

It’s not being worked on presently, it has not been for a long time. I may redo this, but it’ll definitely be different and much better if I do.

ah, hope so; i need something to create command aliases x.x