Scrollable Scoreboard?

@Aaron1011 I know youve been working on the Scoreboard API and I was wondering if there is any way to make the scoreboard scrollable by mouse wheel? Mainly because I thought it would be cool to have CraftIRC show a user list as a scoreboard. Problem is if a lot of people joined the channel it would cause problems, too many to list? Do the names get smaller as more people are put into a scoreboard?

By scroll wheel? You’d have to check which hotbar slot the player is on and go based on that.


That would be terrifying! Doable, but terrifying. Tons of scoreboard updates in rapid succession!

I wrote the Bukkit API for scoreboards (with loving help from friends), so I’m quite familiar and capable of adding such a feature to my plugin.

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Well if its too laggy, or just a pain its not a problem. Maybe a command that could retrieve the user list and display it?

A pagination list.


@Joe_Schmo284: That’s definitely an interesting idea. I think it would be doable, though as @DotDash said, the only way to detect scrolling would be through hotbar slot changes. This would present a problem, since continuously scrolling would cause it to stutter back when the highlighted slot jumped from the last slot to the first slot.

Assuming that the scrolling data is in the form of entry names, the top of bottom entry would need to be removed, and have a new one added onto the opposite end (the order is controlled by setting the score value). Note that the middle scores would need to have their scores adjusted each time, to ensure they always stayed in the correct position.

Yea sounds like more trouble than its worth!

Thinking out side the box use the chat area for the IRC and use the scoreboard for the chat messages…