Searching for Developers who are interested in coding for a MMO RPG that is a WIP


Hey I am TacticalTickler and I am here today to present to you my idea and find those who are interested in helping with the development of this idea. The server is still a WIP but we have plenty going on. As of right now, the idea is an MMO RPG with a few extra ideas thrown in there. The scale of this server is large and we (The staff team) are shooting to get hundreds of players with how amazing and fun this server will be.

Work Needed

So there are different branches in need of work, but here I am in search for developers. We have a small group of developers already working alongside me with two head developers. You will be given an idea for a plugin and trusted to be able to provide a plugin that not only works but can function and be hooked into out core plugins.


If you are interested in joining us for no pay, then that is insanely appreciated, but if you are looking for pay, it will be based off the plugin you choose and the quality of it. I try to remain fair.


When you create the plugin, you must expect these factors to come into play:

  1. You must be willing to share the source on our GitLab with other devs
  2. The rights are yours if you volunteer, you created the work and deserve to do what you want with it
  3. If I paid you for the work, then the rights are passed alone to me

If you join the team, you must expect these factors to come into play:

  1. You are working with other devs, so treat others with respect
  2. Sometime questions will be asked, if you know the answer feel free to help the other devs
  3. There are other branches aside from Developers, so expect to hear from those branches and receive work from them


I would like to be contacted via Discord: TacticalTickler (JP)#5289


This post is strictly for finding developers. Discussions that do not directly relate to finding developers, or discussions that discuss specifics are not to occur here. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.

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You say that I own the rights to my own code but I don’t since you’re paying me… you only need one of those.

If I am paying you then I have the rights if you volunteer you keep the rights

Why don’t you just say that instead of silly bullet points. I don’t really think anyone has the time to volunteer for a large project like this anyway.

You never know man, We have a few great people who volunteer whether it be builds or developing so always worth asking :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Still in search for devs who are willing to offer their time to help with this project :slight_smile:

A few devs have taken interest! Appreciate those who are offering time for this project. Still willing to take devs in if you’re willing to help with the project! Come join the Kyros family and help our project explode :slight_smile:

Still looking around for peeps who are interested!

Still looking for some extra hands! All help appreciated! Here are some photos of our server if it helps :stuck_out_tongue:


Still in need of help! If you are willing or have any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Still in hopes of finding extra help! If you are interested feel free to shoot a message :smiley:

Still searching!! Hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy New Years!

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Has always been a dream of me to work for such an amazing-looking MMO RPG server. I’m new to Sponge’s API but I’ve worked with Bukkit / Spigot’s API for years already. I’m more than interested, have you found someone already?

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Help is always appreciated! If you want to discuss more than add me via discord @TacticalTickler (JP)#5289