Securus - Manage your server

Securus, the server managing plugins. Easy to use commands.

Easy to use commands to start up your server and manage it. Very easy Admin tool. Permissions coming soon.
This is not near to finished. Do NOT beg for a download link, Thank you. :smile:

This plugin is completely created and managed by me.

The Securus plugin is a bundle of plugins packed in one jar all fully recoded. Added more features and faster speeds.

/pay - Pay someone.
/bal - See your balance
/afk - Away from keyboard
/top - Go to the highest block
/sell - Sell something
/msg - Msg someone
/motd - See the MOTD
/nick - Give yourself a nickname
/list - List of people online
/suicide - Kill yourself
/ban - Ban someone
/kick - Kick someone
/jail - Jail someone
/setjail - Set a jail
/tempban - Temp ban someone
/unban - Unban someone
/setspawn - Set a spawn
/v /vanish - Vanish yourself
/home - Go to your home
/sethome - Set your home
/tpa - Tpaccept to someone
/tp - Tp to someone
/tpaccept - Accept an TPA
/tpall - Tp all players
/mysql - See all the MySQL data. (No perm. OP Only)
/warp - Warp to a warp
/setwarp - Set a warp

Also this plugins includes:

  • Multiworld (Add more world’s)
  • Permissions (Advanced permissions)
  • Chat (Better chat. Prefixes. Etc…)
  • ClearLag (Less lag)
  • Colors (Colored Chat, Signs, Books etc…)
  • AutoMessage (Auto displayed messages…)
    All manageable in one config.

Basically all of the useful plugins in one.

~ xxmarijnw


This seems very interesting! I cant wait to see where this goes!

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basically a stripped down essentials type thing?

essentials needed a good strip down; had all the bloat!


yeah I can agree with you on that :wink:

Another essentials-like plugin!
But this one really looks like Ultimate Core. (Forum post)

Multiworld (Add more world’s)
Chat (Better chat. Prefixes. Etc…)
ClearLag (Less lag)
Colors (Colored Chat, Signs, Books etc…)
AutoMessage (Auto displayed messages…)

Features that UC has too, but no problem.

Interesting idea besides the fact many people have done it before. If you do it better than everyone else, than your’s could very well end up being the preferred plugin. I just recommend one thing. Please split up all these features into separate plugins, not 1 big bundle. Makes permissions, installation, configuration, and so on much nicer. Not to mention not everyone one wants feature x on the server.

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this sounds good let me know when you get it done I have been waiting for a plugin like this for a LOOOONG time

I agree. Unless perms is database driven I would want to use another plugin that is

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