Seeking Dev - Pixelmon Reforged Nonbreedable Pokemon


Just a oldie Pixelmon supporter and server owner Running a very plugin active community seeking some help.

Work Needed

I’m interested in commissioning someone to make a plugin that can disable the breeding of a pixelmon via argument for /pokegive and /pokeedit

/pokegive2 <Pokémon | random> [arguments]
/pokeedit2 [arguments]

|level|lvl |The level of the Pokémon|
|gender|g |male|female|
|shiny|s |None (Pokémon is Shiny)|
|growth|gr |The growth of the Pokémon|
|nature|n |The Nature of the Pokémon|
|ability|ab |The Ability of the Pokémon (case sensitive, no spaces; e.g., SwiftSwim)|
|boss|b |The boss mode of the Pokémon|
|form|f |The form index of the Pokémon|
|ball|ba |The caught Poké Ball of the Pokémon|

Required argument to add
|breed|bre| The Ability to set its breeding state (True/False)


$10-$20 for nonbreedable argument addition.

Another $15-$20 for few more arguments:
Texture|Te| The Ability to set a texture for a pokemon via Texture Pack
Particle|Pa| The Ability to set a particle name using another Custom Plugin of mine


Full Rights to the plugins code (for seeking update purposes only if needed).
Further Detail: I’d need a copy of the source in-case you as the developer decide to stop providing fixes and I need to find someone else to make adjustments (also Incase you aren’t able or willing to do the Texture and Particle extensions as-well and i need someone else more experienced with those tasks to do it)


FrostEffects#9011 - Discord


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