Self Building Builds

So, I was thinking of doing a sort of…differnet server, however, one of the aspects I wanted was for people to be able to purchase buildings…And, I was thinking, having an “Architects Shop” where users could purchase a “box” that essentially holds a build inside it, and when they open the crate, the schematic would be pasted in directly behind the chest

/Buildbox create
This defines a schematic, taken from a worldedit region
/buildbox list
Lists all schematics
/buildbox give
Gives the A Chest that can be used to generate the schematic
/buildbox delete
Deletes specified buildbox

-=Detailed Descirption=-
This plugin would essentially allow users to spawn schematics where they please. AN Example is below:

  1. A Farm Is Built
  2. Someone Selects It In Worldedit and does /build create Farm1
  3. A Player purchases the build by having an NPC run a command in exchange for currency
  4. The Player places the crate on a plot of land and opens it
  5. The Schematic is pasted in directly behind the chest

-= Picture=-
XXXXXX <-- Field
O <-- Crate
X <-- Player
[Centered] C <-- Chest
[Centered] X <-- Player

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So, you want a kind of turtle system? Or one of those house-in-a-box systems that were on Bukkit for a while? Sounds cool, like the idea.

Seems a bit similar to this.

Thanks, Pie! You have saved me soo many times! Especially with your plugins

EDIT: that’s API5…I am running a 1.12.2 server…cannot use it…is their an updated version?

Yeah…I was picturing one like those old bukkit plugins! Although a turtle system would be cool!

My idead was basically that I would sell players plots of land, and, provide buildings for them to put on it to make money! like they could put a factory in it, and it could automatically produce cake if they give it the ingredients, and, they could get the ingredients by putting a barn and a farm on a plot. Sort of an economy server where they can pick a path…like if they wanted to be industrial, they could put factories on plots. I was just going to use this to provide the structures & perhaps add tiers of them.