🏠 Edifice - Create and share structures [API 5.0.0]

Edifice - Create and share structures


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Edifice is a Sponge plugin designed to help players share their personal creations with the Minecraft community. It has a website to help players browse popular structures.


Building a structure

  • Visit the Edifice website, and browse for a structure
  • Copy the structure’s build command (hover over the preview or go to the structure’s page)
  • Paste the command into any server with Edifice installed, and press enter. You will be given a blueprint containing the data of the structure.
  • Place a chest on the ground, and place an item frame on any side of the chest
  • Place the blueprint in the item frame. Note that the side of the chest on which the item frame is placed will determine the direction of the structure.

Your setup should look similar to this:

Edifice  setup

  • Right click the chest to see the materials needed to complete the structure. To build the structure, simply throw the necessary materials near the chest.

Sharing a structure

  • Type /edifice wand to activate the wand.
  • Left and right click the corners of the structure.
  • You may use /edifice wand expand to expand the selection to the highest y-level containing blocks.
  • Use /edifice save <name> to upload the structure. Note that the direction you are facing will dictate the “front” of the structure.
  • Follow the link given in chat to the Edifice website. There, you can choose how your structure will look on the website.
  • After uploading, return to the home page or your profile (if logged in) to see your structure.



Awesome! :grinning: This looks great!

This looks really interesting.

This is an interesting idea, a plugin that lets you share things across servers. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s like pastebin for Minecraft.


I never thought about it that way. I put that at the top of the post :slight_smile:


A toast to Zirconium for making one of most unique plugins :slight_smile:

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Now let those shared structures generate in the world. (Configurable of course). :slight_smile:

Awesome plugin though. With this release, I now know I won’t be placing in the competition… GG!

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This is a nice looking plugin. Can’t wait till I can start up a sponge server.

That’s actually a really cool idea. You could have a background task which polls the Edifice server every so often for new builds. It then adds them to a list, to be randomly pulled from in a Populator.


Exactly! It would certainly spice up world gen quite a bit. You’ll never know what you might find.

The website is kind of down.

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Actually, the link is just outdated. Since I posted this, I have done a bunch of work on the website and bought a domain for it. I have updated the link. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Are you going to update it now that 4.1.0 is an official release (and contains AbstractDataBuilder)?
Also, I tried to sign up on the site but Minecraft says ‘Unknown Host.’

Could you update the imgur links to use HTTPS instead of HTTP? Secure login pages are a must-have.

Thanks for reminding me about this - the auth plugin needs to be updated, so the server should be back up relatively soon.


The auth server is up :slight_smile:

I have fixed this in the latest deployment.

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Do you think it would be possible for the buildings to slowly build rather than instantly?

You mean something like filling in a few random blocks every second so you can stand back and watch the structure come into existence? I could do that.

Yeah, due to the fact it requires the blocks to build the structures, I believe it would make it even more fair in survival if it built more slowly.