Sell command

Hi, is there any plugin that allow me to setprice while holding on the item and do /sell when i want to sell it?

Sell to who? Server? Another player?

If it’s player, GTS is a pretty good option.

No, i meant that server shop for player to sell item

So you want the player to run a command that takes the item in their hand away and then the server gives them money for said item?

And then there would be a config file in which you can configure how much worth every item is

Yes i remember using this plugin a few years ago i forgotten which plugin is it

Well, I haven’t heard or seen a plugin like that, so I cant point you in any direction sadly.

However, I‘m sure I can whip up a simple, lightweight solution for you over the weekend when I get around to it. :slight_smile:

Is alright i just is Virtual Chest to do it thanks anyways :smiley:

Yeah that works too!