Server 1.12.2 (Sponge) can't start at VDS

When I start my server at my own computer, all OK.
But when I start it at VDS, it stops at loading “Sponge”
Here is the log:
[Server thread/INFO] [Sponge]: Found at jar:file:/root/RPG_fixed/./mods/spongeforge-1.12.2-2768-7.1.5.jar!/
[07:29:24] [Server thread/INFO] [Sponge]: Creating injector in stage ‘PRODUCTION’

Please share your log via the method mentioned here:

also, thats not a log, that is part of a log. Both those messages are not to worry about

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So my best guess, is that you need more RAM.
In order to run a spongeforge server, I recommend at least three gigs of RAM. Depending on the amount of mods, you may need much more. Large modpacks can require between 12-16GB of RAM.

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