Server Accessibility

Will players be able to join sponge servers like without certain criteria? like will they be able to just join a server without needing and mods or any thing like that? kinda like a basic bukkit server join

Read that.
You won’t need mods to join Sponge severs.

Should have looked at the FAQ.

But Forge doesn’t support unmodified vanilla clients?

At this time, yes, but LexManos has expressed plans in adding support for vanilla clients.
But Forge takes too long to update?
With a large portion of the Minecraft community working together, we are sure we can help speed up things.

Direct from the FAQ. No mods are needed as the 1.8 version of forge (which sponge will run on) will support vanilla.

Please read FAQ’s before posting. Otherwise we end up with a ton of topics asking the same questions.