Server aren`t start on SpongeForge 1.16.5

Can’t start server due to unknown error and i don`t know how to fix it

Its complaining that a mod isnt using the correct ID formatting

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Dependency with supplied ID '{Stalwart_Dungeons}' is invalid. IDs can be between 2 and 64 characters long and must start with a lower case letter, followed by any mix of lower case letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), dashes (-) and underscores (_).

The mod in question us Stalwart_Dungeons

May want to contact the developer to politely ask them to fix the mod id

Yes i see this too but even when i delete this mod this error remained

What developer are you talking about?

Mind posting the error with the mod removed?

The developer of that mod

Error are the same without mod

With mod and without mod the error is the same

While the error maybe the same. The log to it maybe different. Plus the stacktrace could be different

This log that I threw is a log without a mod, but I can throw a log with a mod

I’ll post a log in 10 minutes.

So looking a bit futher into it. Its a mod depending on the mod, however because its invalid, sponge doesnt like it.

Looking at the log it doesnt mention what mod is depending on it. However a post of the debug.log should say

With mods - Google Drive - It is logs with Stalwart_Dungeons

without mod - Google Drive and without

With mods - Google Drive - It is logs with Stalwart_Dungeons

I post logs and debug.logs

I found mod that caused this error it`s Unusal End1.16.5

Cool. I was going to create a program to look for a mod with its dependencies as you have 200+ mods