Server cannot be started after an unexpected power outage

I’am using translation,sorry about my bad english.
Here is report crash and latest.log
As the title says I can’t start my server.It always crash when loading world.
Search google said it can replace “level_sponge.dat_old” to solve problem.
I’ve tried three ways
1:replace world\DIM1\level_sponge.dat_old
2:replace all world all map called “level_sponge.dat_old”(world/world backup/world_new)(DIM1,DIM-1)
3:delete all “level_sponge.dat and level_sponge.dat_old” and try to regenerate the level data
and it didn’t worked :frowning:
I very hope someone can help me…I forgot daily backup map so it just cant be just lost one day data.It’s really important to us. THANKS!

Actually, it looks like your database file for one of your plugins got corrupted.

It also looks like one of your world files got corrupted. It might now be the regular overworked just as a note

Thank you for u help!
After post this I tried many different way to save my server:
1.moved the map to the client and remind me

then i click yes,client can load map,so it looks like the map didn’t broken,I’am so happy with it.
2.Then I was thinking maybe I can remove all about sponge things(core,config,plugin),start only with forge and mods,and server told me the same things as client said,and server is running!hell yeah!
3.Shut down the server and add only sponge core,pass.
4.Add all plugin,opps crash (no crash report).Log told me some playerdata broken,removed it.
5.Restart server then crash again without crash report,log didn’t say nothing and shutdown(me:wtf?)then I add plugin one by one and lock that flexiblelogin plugin database error,delete config\flexiblelogin and server get back to work.