Server Closes on Startup

So I’m running a server on the modpack “MC Eternal” and it says that the version of Forge I’m running is and that I need Would downgrading cause any issues and force the players to install a different forge too or is there a ForgeSponge version compatible with this forge version available?

Spongeforge will give that message even if your on that version. Just ignore it.

As for being compatibile, yes they are.

Could you post a log of your server to see whats going wrong on startup? A list of your plugins and mods would be good too.

Is there a way to remove it? It’s kind of annoying, I’m seeing it sometimes too.

Nope. Its built into forge. Just something you got to learn to live with. Either that or hack forge to remove that message

Here is the log: Click Here

I have foamfix settings properly turned false and I disabled LagGoggles and now it works. Thanks for helping though