Server constantly crashing

Hello, everyone! Firstly, here’s my crash log:

The plugins I use:
Forge: Build # 1577

The server can’t handle several people, it seems. I’ve already tried disabling the watchdog, and that helped for about…30 minutes before it started crashing again. I’m at a loss for what to do. Even if you don’t/can’t answer me, thank you for taking the time to read.


First, provide the entire server log not just a crash report. You also should disable plugins to see if any are causing it.

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Ok, I’ll get it as soon as possible, the latest logs aren’t the ones I need. Thanks for replying so fast! In the meantime, I’ll test the plugins and see what’s going on.

@Archikai Got it working?
Also be sure to keep sponge and other mods up to date.

I’ll be doing that shortly, but no, it isn’t working. After I updated, /help stopped working, so I updated again, blah blah, and now all this started at the time of me posting the forums. Come now, there are several updates out, some new ones since my initial posting, so I’ll do that today & inform you. Sorry for the late reply, I do appreciate you taking the time to check.

I can only assume everything is fine now?