Server Crash after 2+ people in server


I am not advanced in server hosting, this is my first server, and first ever MODDED server, but I am used to modding. I believe this error is something conflicting with Sponge, and another mods chunkloading, I believe its from forgechunkloader but I am unsure how to solve this issue on my own. This error occurs every time more than one person is in the server. When one person is on it is very nice and runs perfectly, and when more than one person is in the server it runs for about 1 1/2 minutes very slowly and then crashes! Here is my crash report, I have not been able to gather a console log as it is VERY large and intensive.

Crash Report


Both SpongeForge and FoamFix add various optimizations that may not work with each other. Disable the following settings in config/foamfix.cfg:


That was my prior error that I have already done it was preventing the server from even launching. But with those set to false if more than 1 person is on the server it will crash!