Server Crash by nether loading

Hey there.
Im from Germany and i need a Minecraftserver for the 1.12.2 Version to run mods and plugins.
My problem is, that my mods start perfectly but when I start the Server with Sponge, to run plugins, I get the following Error: (ther Server is can´t loade the Nether or any Worl/Demension) I hope someone can help me.

The only thing that image tells me is that the nether and end world are loading (with dim2 (not part of regular minecraft so could be anything - but then a world with the same name loads a little later (Apocalypse)) being set to not load when the server starts) and that you have errors with advancements.

Could you please post your whole log on a paste site such as pastebin and then send the link to your post on it, so we can see everything that is going on.

It would also help a lot if your log contains the information of someone going into a portal.

You can get a document form of the log by going into the folder called “logs” where there will be a file called “latest” and (sometimes) “debug”. Some prefer debug as it holds a lot more info, but in my experience the latest file is fine (easier to load too)

In that log im not seeing any issues with world. However im also not seeing the typical message of “done” when the server loads nor a player join message.

Typically this means that the server didnt fully boot before you took the log. The last messages werent a crash either meaning there was more to the log or that pastebin cut off your log.

I mearly want to know what happens when attempting to access the nether. A log will do that but I need the process of attempting to access the nether to be recorded in the log and for me to read it.

Well the Server stands in this process and won´t finish the boot. So i can´t join the Server, thats the Problem i have with the Server.

Ok, so it’s an infinite loop.

Mind telling me all your mods and plugins you have. See if I can replicate the issue, if I can then we know its a mod compatibility or something else. Considering you have a lot of errors with advancements and it stops after loading them, my guess is its a mod issue, but like to be sure so we can fix the issue as soon as possible.

Yeah i started the Server with the mods without Sponge and had no problem. But i need the 2820 Forge Version for ImmersiveEngineering. I also started the Server without this mod with the newest Forge Version and had no problems. So i guess the Error is by the Forge Version.
Alle the Mods:

Still getting all the mods, struggling to work out what some of your mods are from the file name, but im getting there.

From my current testing the latest version of both spongeForge and ImmersiveEngineering work on the latest version of Forge together without any issues. So your theory of forge version is sadly not the cause. Ill reply again when I have more information.

Looking at your SpongeForge version, its designed for Forge 2768, however you just said that your needing to use 2820. Its possible that its just the version of SpongeForge that is the issue. Try the latest version of SpongeForge