Server crash for to much chunk loading. (pixelmon)

The server continuosly crash when 10/15 player join.

Can’t keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 7441ms behind, skipping 148 tick(s)

I don’t know what to do, the server has 30gb of ram and 10 cores
with 600mbps /ports.

If anyone know solution can help me?

Hi. Best way to sort this stuff out is to provide a timings report which will tell anyone who reads it whats causing the most about of lag.

Also just so you know. Minecraft doesnt take advantage of lots of cores on a processor, so you will find that Core 1 is taking the a huge load of the server and core 2 (and maybe 3) taking a tiny amount of the load with no other cores taking any load. Its better to have the highest clock speed per core for minecraft

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ok. But there is any solution for not crashing? here is the crash report and logs



The logs don’t seem to include the crash. But it does have this:
Negativity loaded a new chunk [-1059, 1807] in dimension 0 (overworld) while populating chunk [-1058, 1807], causing cascading worldgen lag.
which is a fairly good indicator that part of your problem is lag caused by world generation. Players are discovering new chunks, which often triggers more chunks to be created (as above), and lots of that will chew up all your server resources.
A good solution is to set a world border, and use a plugin or mod to pre-generate all the land inside it. That can take a while, depending on how big you need it to be, but it means the server doesn’t have to do it all live.
Another thing I can recommend is using Aikar’s java start-up flags to manage the memory better (if you haven’t already done so). Garbage collection with 30GB can be scary if not managed well.

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Ok… I never used the Aikar’s java start-up flags. For the world border I prefer not using it because the pixelmon is a very big mod.