Server crash I Flans mod

Why does the server crash? It happens with a flans mod, im entering the server, everything all right, but when i take and reload a gun, midway through reload happens server crash

crash report: Server crash I Flans mod ·

log: Server crash I Flans mod log ·

sponge version - spongeforge-1.12.2-2838-7.2.2-RC4024.jar
forge version - forge-1.12.2-

when i use it without spongeforge everything all right.

flan packs: Modern Warfare-Content Pack-1.12.2-5.5.2

when i testing it with other mods, like ic2, everything all right working, only flans mod make a server crash.

the most interesting thing is that armor, grenades, everything works, except for weapons that need to be reloaded, the server crashes.

Flansmod isnt the only mod crashing, make sure you’re using the correct version of grief prevention. It looks like grief prevention crashes a lot and then flansmod crashes.

There is also a compatibility issue with flansmod and sponge, not sure if it’s fixed in a later version, but there is a patched flansmod 5.5.2 that you can use, not sure if it will help in this scenario, but worth a try assuming the version is the same.

thank you very much.