Server crash on startup



I wish to run some Sponge plugins with some mods on my small private server. The server is hosted by Wombat Servers, and I have access through FTP. The Minecraft server version is 1.13.2, I downloaded Forge (latest) as the installer, ran it in a folder on my desktop, then dragged those files into my server files. I swapped the commandline to run forge.jar, and upon starting the server, it crashes. Not exactly a Sponge issue but maybe someone can assist me or point me in the right direction as I’m new to all this really. Server log attached.

Thanks, Callum


The crash is coming from the chunk loader. It’s likely that your world data is corrupt.


There’s a problem with this step: The latest Forge releases are for MC 1.12.2, not MC 1.13.2.


Thanks, I just deleted my world folder and started from scratch, not a problem at all. Got Sponge to work with 5 plugins and about 15 mods. Bit slow but I’ll figure it out :slight_smile: Thanks.