Server Crash

So my server is running 1.10.2 pixelmon beta 7 along with sponge, and its been working pretty fine for a while, i got on today and saw it kept crashing every so often, and couldnt figure out how to solve it
Crash Report:

<blood_> that stack is caused by server overloading and watchdog forcing the crash
<blood_> during worldgen
<ryantheleach> ah ok
<ryantheleach> Is there a way to tell?
<ryantheleach> Like, I mean, is there a way to tell specfically when it's the watchdog causing the error?
<blood_> "Description: Watching Server"
<blood_> and the watchdog logs its shutting the server down
<blood_> you wont get that issue with my async builds
<blood_> but my async builds are still in testing
<blood_> i would just pregen your world
<blood_> that would solve that issue

I dont know of any way to pregen my world other than manually doing it, and that would take forever, do you know of a mod/plugin to do so, i tried chunkgen but the 1.10.2 version crashes my server and the 1.9.4 version doesnt work