Server Crashing Need help (more details in post.)

Hello i run a pixelmon server running sponge 4.0 1195 with recomended forge and everything.
The mods i am using along with plugins are
Pixelmon 4.2.3
Polis(lattest version)
EssentialCmds 7.8
Kits 1.6
PermissionsEX api 4.0
Total Economy
and twentyticks latest version

Heres the crash report:

Heres the report on github.

Something is wrong with 1 or more of that Trainer’s Pixelmon, either remove the trainer or edit their team to fix it

Okay. Thanks i will look.

Ty moeboy never got back to you. Well the map was un saveable but you did solve my problem. IT wont happen again lol THANKS!