Server crashing on startup after updating

All of a sudden my server wont start. I have updated my spongeForge, thinking it may help. However i have tried with build 1844, 1843 and the original that i was on beforehand (1839 i believe). However nothing works and the server loops crashing.


Your level_sponge.dat file appears to have been corrupted somehow. I would suggest renaming or moving it to a different directory, so that Sponge regenerated it.

Out of curiosity, did your server hard shutdown or lose power before this happened? I’ve been seeing quite a few reports of the sponge .dat files being corrupted.

All i did was properly stop the server for updates to pixelmon, and on the next start it didn’t load up properly.

I’ve reverted to an older version of the world/pixelmon and its working for now.