Server Crashing upon launch

Hello all!

This isn’t my first time using Sponge, but it’s my first time having problems with it. I put sponge into my server files, and any time I try to launch the modpack (MC.Eternal) I keep on getting fatal errors that cause the server to shut down. I will link the crash reports below, but I skimmed through them and it seems that when mounting the mods with sponge, all of the mods loaded, but only a handful constructed properly, and once it reached that threshold the next mod spit out and error causing the server to shut down. I initially thought that this was a incompatibility with just one mod, and in taking it out and restarting the server, I found that it still persisted. Any ideas?

Crash 1 - (Crash 1)
Crash 2 - (Crash 2)
Crash 3 - (Crash 3)


  • Vex (ChocolateRaiyn)

It looks like there is a mixen error where it cannot find the class of Minecraft Chunk. I saw your not using the latest build of sponge nor the recommended (yours is slightly older). I know they fixed a whole heap of issues with Mixens just before the recommended build, but in the recommended build they fixed a duplication glitch. So I would suggest updating sponge and hopefully that works

Have you had a chance to read Common Crash Issues [PLEASE READ FIRST] ?
You could try the oldmixin workaround first.