Server desync? Can't ride horses?


So I’m having problems with my server and I think it might be server desync?

There are a lot of little problems that I’m finding but most of them are very small minor problems.

The main problem I have is being able to ride horses. I have a few players who can ride them part of the time. But most of the time all that happens when you try to mount the horse is it just spins you so you face some random location and nothing happens. You don’t even hear the horse sound like you were rejected. My hope is if I can narrow this down I might find my desync problems.

So these are the Plugins that I use.


I know it’s not the mods I use. I’ve hosted with out sponge and the plugins and I had no problems.
If anyone has had this problem or knows something about desync tricks let me know.


More information is needed, please at the least get us a list of all the plugins and mods… I know it can be tedious, but it might be another mod and Sponge that are incompatible.
We also need to know the exact sponge versions and Minecraft versions, etc… Easiest and most correct way for us to get this information is if you upload your latest/debug/etc log to a service like Gist or pastebin.