Server Fails to Complete Loading

Latest.log: 1.165.5/Sponge RC1055/Forge 36.2.23 -
MC: 1.16.5
Sponge: RC1055
Forge: 36.2.23

Server is hosted on a dedicated machine, has 6GB RAM.

Previously console spat out that WorldEdit and Sponge were not compatible with this version pairing, and so I removed WorldEdit. Now it loads to a point and just stops.

As of this writing, the log/console has not changed for greater than 25 minutes.

Sponge forge is currently not stable on 1.16, only sponge vanilla is

I seeā€¦ and do you know if this is likely to change; or are they going to skip 1.16.5 and move to 1.18?

The sponge dev team is hard at work attempting to get sponge forge to the level sponge vanilla is currently. Once on level, you shouldnt notice a difference between the two that often as most of the code is shared between the two.

As for skipping 1.16 to 1.18, no in short.

1.16 (API 8) is a LTS (Long Term Support) build meaning that it will keep getting updates even when newer MC builds come out.

That being said there are sponge 1.18 (API 9) builds out there however not much work has been done yet. Its likely that once 1.16 is in a good state, 1.18 will get a lot of work done. It makes sense to do it this way as a lot of the code will be shared between the two.

If you want more info i would advice reading the announcement category on this forum as 1.16 and 1.18 are highly in demand so they get mentioned in detail in every announcement where there is news to share about them.

That being said im more then happy to answer any other question

Ah, alright. Thank you for your clarity and specificity. I appreciate you greatly and wish you a wondrous vernal.