Server Lagging - why so many chunks?

I’m trying to figure out how I can unload chunks to lessen the server load on my Pixelmon/Sponge server. I feel that Sponge loads an abnormally large amount of chunks (3500+). At the time of this timings report, there were 48 players online. View distance is on 3.

E5-1650 with 64GB of RAM

Thank you in advance

Wow you got GreifPrevention to work …I tip my hat off to you great job! I’m jelly in a good way. I hope you find out why the lagg is there.

I’ve been maintaining a Sponge version of GriefPrevention for quite some time now =). Just haven’t officially released it yet as I still have more to do but it’s getting really close.

Note: This currently will only work with SF 1368 or lower. I’m pushing a big update shortly to support latest SpongeForge builds.

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It works great except for a few bugs :slight_smile:

Thank you Blood. I will start testing this on the test server. Q: do i drop the zip file in the mods folder then?

Thank you for your help :grin:

Can’t wait for the next update :slight_smile:

Blood I just joined the TS and got the right info to install this plugin cheers :smiley:

I don’t think 3500 chunks is a lot divided by 48 players, considering the default view range of 10 chunks. Since that view range is square, it means each player could potentially load 400 chunks around them. One potential fix for this is to lower the view range in the server vonfig :slight_smile:

Like I said in the post,
View distance is on 3.

Oh, sorry. Went a little fast :slight_smile: In that case, I agree. Perhaps something like TwentyTicks could help you?

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