Server map corrupted?


i have made a server on sponge 7.1.0 which works fine sometimes, i tried to start my server today and it just keep giving me the same error i had before which i fixed by using a other map i was wondering if there is a other fix then replacing the map.


It looks like your level_sponge.dat file was corrupted. Usually, if you have a backup, you can restore the level_sponge.dat file from the backup and everything will work just fine.


unfortunally i don’t have a backup due to the fact the this map wasn’t even over 24hours old, i do have seen some post where it was fixed by renaming ‘level_sponge.dat_old’ to ‘level_sponge.dat’’ but that doesn’t work.
is ther ealso a way to see how/why it got corrupted?


Well the first check, are you using a control panel or self hosting? Did you kill the server to stop it, or user the stop command and wait for it to finish?


i host it myself on my pc and if i close the server is use the /stop command and wait till its fully closed.
as for the ‘corrupted’ file i just deleted the level_sponge.dat file and for some reason the server works fine again without any lost items or such


Well, there wouldn’t be any lost items, 'cause the file doesn’t store those. It just stores some Sponge-specific settings like per-world difficulty, portal agent, dimension ID, and the world UUID.