Server not loading Sponge

Hey! I started hosting a small private server for the mod pack “All the Mods 3” for a few friends and myself. The server starts up and everything is fine. When I added Sponge to the mods folder, the server doesn’t seem to have loaded it.

Something worth mentioning; The server is currently running with Forge v2617 and Sponge v1.12.2-2611-7.1.0-BETA-2931. It seems like my server has a more up to date version of Forge than what Sponge supports.

Yay! Log files



Any help is appreciated.


I started my server again and when it starts, it removes Sponge from the mods folder?

It appears to have some kind of embedded startup script which is probably screwing up everything.
ie. Attempting to load commandline specified mods

I suspect it thinks it’s being clever and removing SpongeForge. Find that script and modify it.

For my Forge servers to run SpongeForge I had to rename the jar and add to “aa” to the front of it. So something like aaspongeforge.jar.