Server not starting after switching to Sponge

Hello all

Recently I started hosting my server for me and 2 of my friends, I created a standard forge server (using the newest forge available for 1.12.2) and it worked perfectly with all of my almost 70 mods. I decided to try Sponge out but have been met with a lot of issues. First of all, after placing spongecraft (newest RC) i got an error stating that i had an invalid forge version, so I downgraded to 2383, and after a while of fixing some errors using Google this is the closest I came to the server starting. I’m at a loss of ideas on what to do next so any help welcome. I tried renaming the sponge jar to aa_sponge…, disabled some phosphor features, removed ForgeEssentials and experimented with various forge and sponge versions.
Here is all the information I collected, let me know if anything else will assist you in helping me.




Whatever is tinkering with getPlayerProfileCache seems to be at fault, because that’s where the mixins blow up. I’m not sure which mod, but you could try testing without VanillaFix to begin with.
Have you had a look over the mod incompatibility page on the SpongeDocs? You seem to have done all the right things so far, so if something new comes to light at least we can add it.

Thanks for the quick response, I removed VanillaFix, however that didn’t seem to fix the problem. I’m checking if any mods need updates, or if any of the mods mention sponge incompatibility on their curseforge page, but besides that I’m pretty clueless as to what could cause this.

I don’t even know where to begin lol. It seems like the sponge jar was malicious, at least that’s what Windows Defender says. The version in question was spongeforge-1.12.2-2838-7.3.1-RC4093.jar. I don’t know whether it’s a false positive, a bug or maybe even an MITM attack, however I redownloaded the recommended version, paired it with forge 2383 and everything seems to work fine now. Thanks for the help!

As for the anti-virus detecting it. Its a known issue for SpongeForge. It is a false positive.

Yeah, that’s what I assumed. I must’ve corrupted the file somehow or it didn’t upload to the server completely because of my unstable connection in the past few days. All in all, it works now and does so perfectly. Thanks again for the help.