Server periodic lag

Hi, i own a little network.
I have 2 servers and 1 bungeecord.
System has:
cpu: Xeon E5-2630 v4 2.2ghz
ram: 16gb
i use xubuntu
only ssd

bungeecord: 1gb
hub: 1gb
pixelmon: 8gb

and one ts3 server on the same machine

it’s a vps.

sponge timings (about 3/4 minutes)

what should i do to remove lag or improve the server?

(i just saw something weird in chunk 0,0 and chunk 5120,-2048 at sponge timing report)

(sorry for bad english, and ty for help =) )

Do the periods of lag correspond to the automated world saves?

I didn’t change it, what’s the value by default?
I tried to write everytime it lagged.
the interval between lags was (minimum) 1/1.2 minutes

And everytime it lags. the console says "can’t keep up did the system time change or is the server overloaded … "

The default save interval is 5 minutes, if I recall correctly.
Other common causes of lag include terrain generation, large mob populations, and high entity-activation ranges, but it looks like yours is associated with saves. You could temporarily use save-off, or even use a mod to do it for you (e.g. BTFU). If you want a more comprehensive profile of your server (and lag), you could try the plugin Spark.

You also list three servers… which server(s) are the ones experiencing the lag? Also who are you using as a server host?

Oh, sorry… i forgot about it.
Host is contabo.
lagging server is pixelmon

Yep, the problem is saving… i disabled it and all worked well…
I will try BTFU and i let you know how it works or what about reduce to 2/3 minutes auto-save? so server doesn’t have a big load to save

I tried BTFU, it lags only when save. it’s like 5/6 seconds every 5 minutes

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