Server randomly stopped working

I brought this to the attention of my hosting provider and they said that it is a Sponge problem, so lets see if you guys can help! :slight_smile:

Here is a paste of the crash-report: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----WARNING: coremods are present: CTMCorePlu -

And in the console, I get this:

But this time around, I am getting this after the server restart.
09.10 17:46:06 [Server] INFO Error occurred during initialization of VM
09.10 17:46:06 [Server] INFO java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread
09.10 17:46:06 [Multicraft] Server shut down (starting)
09.10 17:46:06 [Multicraft] Not restarting crashed server.

That isn’t really a Sponge specific problem, nor a provider issue. That error is caused by your server not having enough RAM to actually create a new thread.

How much RAM are you supposed to get through your hosting provider?

Depending on your host, you might be able to get them to set up a Swap file for you, which would allow a little more virtual memory.

- as a note, that error tends to appear more often when the Java application is started with more ram than the server has (over provisioning), not when you just aren’t allocating enough to Java.

Feel free to ping me or DM me or contact me on Discord if you need more help.
Snowie (D4rk)#1374

I am going to message you on Discord, but for the sake of everyone else who sees this thread -
I originally had a 4GB server, but after it was online for about 24 hours it would start to lag. So I upgraded to 6GB. It was working fine for about 12 hours, then it suddenly stopped working and giving me those errors. I’ll contact my hosting provider with what you said.

Well, the server randomly started working again, so I want to assume there was something messed up on the servers side.