Server running 7.4A DDSS crashes with sponge installed

I am currently having an issue with my server crashing when sponge is installed.

This is my Crash Log:

I have tried the following:

Removing the following mods Sledgehammer FTBUtilities FTBLibs, Librarianlib, LibEx, Tesla-Core-lib, minerva-library, BetterFPS, CoFHCore,CoFHWorld, CookieCore, DarkUtilities, Danknull. None of these fixed the server from crashing.

-Changed Mod BootOrder:
SledgeHammer, DankNull, COFHCore, BetterFPS, DarkUtilities

If I install a vanilla minecraft server with forge and just run that with sponge installed everything works fine. But getting this to work with the DDSS Modpack seems challenging.

Have you reviewed:

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Thank you I have not!

This fixed my issue

Hammer Core

  • Dependents: Many
  • Versions:
  • Problem: Crash on startup. Typically, the following error message is returned: