Server SpongeForge Crash


After i run the server, When I connect to the server, the server crash.
I don’t find the problem and i don’t know if it is a plugin or a mods make that.

Here is the crash report :

Can you help me please?

Try using the latest Version of SpongForge

I’m using the latest sponge version

Upload your server world and provide a link so I can debug. Please list steps to reproduce crash.


Here is the map:!A5YijKLA!-KQiVpmZ_oPYr7R2f6EQrZzcyxgNrba0o7E2YNOK158

Are you using a modpack? If not, upload your mods/config folder as well.

No problem,

I upload all files of my server.!8hAX0BQK!lG1P5BBDHelig3uLdnVZoPE7zDa2QireJ0AWPg3dTRE

OK thanks, I’ll test it when I get some free time.

Try with the latest SpongeForge, the issue may have been fixed.