Server Start-Up Parrameter

I’m a German Server Owner, System-Administrator and Developer in one, can’t english as well and try to switch from Spigot to Spongepowered :sweat:
I use SpongeVanilla 1.10.2-5.0.0-BETA-138

Setup and Play work fine, but I start the server with scripts like this:
screen -dmS sky java -Dcom.mojang.eula.agree=true -server -Xmx2G -Xms2G -jar /home/pipe/spigot-1.10.jar --port 45502 --level-name LetsSky --online-mode false

This is a auto generated Script, my Team use ingame Commands to create, start and stop servers, start and stop work, after manuel confuguration…

Create server dosen’t work, “-Dcom.mojang.eula.agree=true” and “–port 45502 --level-name LetsSky --online-mode false” was ignored by Sponge.

Full list - moste of it work with minecraft-vanilla:

I search and find nothing about startup parrameter with Sponge
I’m blind or not implementet or other syntax?

java -jar spongeVanilla.jar --help displays some command line options. I don’t know, maybe there are more options.

On SpongeVanilla, the command @RandomByte posted displays all supported command line options. The following of your options are not supported by SpongeVanilla:

  • -Dcom.mojang.eula.agree=true: You need to set eula=true manually in eula.txt.
  • --level-name: You can use the alias -w or --world.
  • --online-mode: You need to set this manually in
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Thanks, I’m “blind” …
port work, “–level-name” changed to “–world” and it work too.
“–world-dir” is a nice to have, but I miss “–config.dir” and “–mods-dir” a bit.
I can user system link but that have diverent site effekts… (knowledge from Spigot)

@Minecrell hard work to add the Features? =)

And I don’t understand two parramter:
–access-transformer, --at Additional access transformer files to apply
–mixin Additional Mixin configs to load
Any examples or better explain?

Not much work too add them, but before it can be added it’s necessary to check that it doesn’t have any side effects (so that everything is actually going to the new config/mods dir, and not the original one).

You should also keep in mind Sponge and plugins will modify files in this directory so if you have multiple servers using the same config dir then you will possibly run into problems if two servers attempt to modify it at the same time.

They are mostly made to be used when developing plugins, you don’t need them for running a server.

sounds good, I hope all Plugin Developer use the Injection for config path and not hard code “/config/[mod-id]/config” like Bukkit Plugin Dev’s xD

I hope Sponge change his config only than, I use commands or so and not “without reasons”…

example reason to change the config dir:
“Live” and “Edit” mode for Server
Live dosn’t need mutch RAM and WorldEdit has a low block limit.
Edit has mutch RAM and unlimit block changes.