Server "stopped in time"

The server runs normally for hours, but suddenly players crash and the “Timeout” screen appears. When I go to the console, it doesn’t indicate any error, it doesn’t generate a file in the crashreports folder. It’s like time has stopped forever. I can’t stop the console, I need to force it to stop and start the server. During that moment when it is “stuck in time”, the server’s memory is 100% used, but the CPU is very low, somewhere around 1%.

RAM: 2gb

Mods and plugins:

Simple answer: increase the amount of RAM you have for your server. This is a common symptom of running out of memory.

With the number of mods you’re running (and please just put them in a text list in future, not in screenshots), 2GB is not enough. I couldn’t recommend a specific amount though, I’m not familiar with most of those mods.

Is there no way when this happens, the server will restart on its own?

No, because this isn’t a crash, it’s just the server cannot allocate any more memory to be able to do anything else, as you see. As a result, it waits for the memory to be freed, but the system can’t free anything because it’s all in use… and you end up with the deadlock you have. This includes starting the server shutdown procedure - it requires free memory to do it, but you don’t have any!

Another tip, based on what you said, it seems to me that you’re giving the Minecraft server 2GB of RAM, when you only have 2GB for the entire system. You should leave some memory for the operating system, I generally leave 500MB but some people try to sqeeze closer to the limit. If your OS runs out of memory, the entire system will potentially freeze, and you don’t want that to happen…

I bought a host with a 2GB RAM plan

That may be the case, but it doesn’t change anything I’ve said.