Server to Server Support

Bukkit was limited by what it started off as, and that is a reason that Spigot was created. With the discontinuation of Bukkit, and Spigot still in the air (or so I believe, Please correct me if I am wrong) Sponge was an obvious alternative for server owners.

I know there have been a lot of these suggestions for API Suggestions, but I am currently just getting used to Discourse and am finding it hard to navigate through the sections.

Anyway, my suggestion for an inbuilt feature would be server to server communication. I know this could be made through plugins, but the idea of having Servers able to communicate and share data would be extremely useful. For instance, it wouldn’t only have to be Minecraft server communication, but also Website to Minecraft server communication. This would add for a lot of inbuilt ease for server owners.

It is just an idea, just as everything was once an idea, but please feel free to judge it and comment below if you feel a need for this or not.

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Sponge is an API. Not a Feature. Features should be created by plugins

Sponge is an API, and I stated that, but APIs are APIs and they contain useable features for the person using them. This was a suggestion to add to the API… I did quite a bit of private coding for plugins during the Bukkit era and I found it really hard to implement this… I completed it once, in a way like votifier, but apart from that it was near impossible…

This is really something better suited for a plugin IMHO. The chat system will have a good API to hook into, I’m sure the but the nuts and bolts of connecting server chat will need to be in a plugin.

Just so you know, there is the mod EiraIRC that allows you to connect chat via IRC (or ForgeIRC).

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There have already been many suggestions for IRCs but what I am suggesting is any easier way to connect to servers including websites (and RSS feeds If it is possible) than what was available in Bukkit

This is definitely something a plugin will best address.

I really do like Discourse. it actually looks really nice, but to me it doesn’t feel like it has sufficient support for a forum… At least the current navigation… But thats only IMHO…

Not sure what you mean by this…

Do you mean some kind of implementation like Bungeecord?

If so, I think that that can and probably will be done by the team at spigot to work with Sponge.
Having something like that built-in to sponge would be nice, though.

No. Whilst Bungeecord was a great feature, it is easily to do with a plugin. I was hoping for an easier way for services like Bungee Cord to be developed…




But if the API natively supported this… That’s the idea here.

I’d agree with the masses here and say it’s best a plugin-base feature. It’s a minimally necessary function in most cases, albeit useful. Although, as @Sir_Mr_Bman said, having API features that support the sending of server data, that could be a thing which could at least make said plugins easier to make.

An API doesn’t support things natively. Even bukkit didn’t supported things natively, craftbukkit dit.

That is exactly what I mean… For easier creation plugins…