Server won't detect sponge plugin? Errors

I just downloaded sponge, plus the HuskyCrate plug-in on my pixelmon server.
It doesn’t detect the HuskyCrates plug-in, plus whenever I join it shows me errors in the console

When it didn’t detect HusckyCrate
[When I reinstalled WorldEdit] (Forge 1.16.5 Crash Report [#pCR4pcU] -
When I reinstalled Essentials S

The crash is relating to world edit.

Have you done the worldedit hack that is needed to get it up and running?

Latest news on WorldEdit for SpongeAPI 8, straight from Enginehub:
  • SpongeVanilla: Use the current WorldEdit release on Ore, or a current dev build.

  • SpongeForge: Due to mapping issues, the Sponge build of WorldEdit is incompatible with SpongeForge. You can download the WorldEdit Forge mod for MC 1.16.5 (7.2.5) but you will need to manually edit META-INF/mods.toml inside the worldedit .jar file to remove the section with the sponge dependency. The version is incorrect as it was released before Sponge existed for 1.16+.

As for huskyCrates

Its only for api 7, wont work for api 8 plugins so thats why its not being detected

Also checked in with the hosting company, they said it’s impossible to also add plug-ins to a forge server.

They are referring to bukkit plugins. Sponge plugins are fine to add (as they are designed with forge in mind)