Server won't start because sponge api is missing

Not the reason. Full log plz

As mentioned. Please post the whole log. Ideally on pastebin and then send the link here. This way it keeps the format of the log - makes it easier to read

Log does not save, i can only record the screen when i start it

Just copy the text on the command line. But ill take a look at the video. But normally videos make it difficult to read small text

I know sorry but the promps cleans itself

Does it not save in the /logs/latest.txt

There is a crash, but the video shows the messages before it and then the end of it, whereby I can see its a thread issue, but thats all I can find out

You were right :sweat_smile:

Looks like a pixelmon issue.


I will also say, sponge (MC 1.13+) prefers java 9+ (ideally 11 or 17 as they are LTS). While sponge does work on Java 8, it has more issues

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Thanks i’ll look into it but i don’t think i can change the java version without causing too much trouble

Personally i would be complaining to your host to choose the version. As i know some plugins require java 11+

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