Server wont start. Stays stuck

Been trying to get my server to work but cant get it to go past loading mods and all… says has errors and wont work.


Thanks i really want this server to start… all im trying to run its pixelmon. i have latest forge and about 4 mods from your site.

Hocon issue, sorry that doesnt help much, but thats what it says. Hocon is sponge’s configuration format of choice? Maybe try a slightly older version of sponge and see if it clears that up.

I don’t think its a hocon issue. The NoClassDefFoundError is prob caused by mixins that are failing.

23.06 22:38:01 [Server] INFO at org.spongepowered.mod.mixin.plugin.entityactivation.EntityActivationRangePlugin.shouldApplyMixin( ~[sponge-1.8-1446-2.1DEV-491.jar:1.8-1446-2.1DEV-491+unknown-b491.git-unknown]
23.06 22:38:01 [Server] INFO java.lang.NullPointerException
23.06 22:38:01 [Server] main/ERROR [mixin]: null

@Raymon_Silva you might want to try an older build of sponge.

MinecraftForge v11.14.3.1479 Initialized

You’re not using the same Forge version as Sponge was built for.
You need forge version


You could also download the latest sponge build then use the command line java -jar sponge-“version”.jar go
this will automatically install the correct forge libraries for you.


Yea I had seen that exception in the mixins as well as Guice, I dont know what Guice is, but if it modifies GUI’s then I know Pixelmon has a ton of them.

Guice provides dependency injection.

How could i try this… Im running this on my hosthorde server… not sure how i could edit this there.

Not sure if all host have a sponge server option. So what you’ll need to do is set up a forge server then, put sponge jar in mods folder.
Version that work for me
sponge - latest

just so you know, sponge isn’t ready for production servers. if your hosthorde server is meant to be a playable server that depends on every part of it actually working, you may wanna temporarily switch or hold off on it for now.


its hard to put something on hold… we all love pixelmon and cant get to play it.

play on a normal forge server. even if you do get to use sponge, you won’t be able to do much for it because its not only incomplete, there aren’t much feature-packed plugins out there yet. you should be able to play pixelmon on a normal forge server, if not, poke at them or their site for help.

yeah i gave up… closing up the server… sad to say that but ive given up on this mc gonna focus and spend mymoney on league or other games… thanks to all though.

league of legends best choice ever