Server won't start up

So i’ve been trying to set up a Pixelmon server and i am still new to using Sponge forge and all that,
everything has been doing great till i tried to preload chunks with Nucleus after i shut down the server it didn’t wanted to start anymore and i keep getting this:

21.03 23:21:05 [Server] Server thread/WARN [Sponge]: There’s no certificate fingerprint available
21.03 23:21:05 [Server] Server thread/ERROR [minecraft/MinecraftServer]: Encountered an unexpected exception

I have no clue, i tried but i guess not hard enough :frowning:

Could you provide a copy of your log on a site such as pastebin and send us the URL.

It looks like DupeFixer requires GriefPrevention but hasn’t properly marked it as a dependency, so tries to load a GP class and fails.

If you remove DupeFixer (or add GriefPrevention), it should load.